Grey Coverage or Root Retouch

At some point in life, all of us age, and the truth is that as we age, most of us let grey hair impact our self-confidence and disrupt personal style. Grey coverage or a root ‘Retouch and Style’ to conceal grey hair, offers more than just cosmetic benefits. It can protect hair from sun damage, restore vibrancy, and improve overall hair and mental health. Covering greys allows people to reclaim their identity and express themselves. You could walk-in for a complimentary consultation or do a virtual one – call or text us at (919) 449 7144 to set one up.

Grey Coverage

Grey coverage itself can range from temporary to permanent solutions, each with unique advantages. Temporary and semi-permanent colors provide flexibility and let new growth come out more gracefully, while permanent dyes offer comprehensive coverage. All options also nourish hair when formulated with moisturizing ingredients. We use Redken and Davines for colors, mixed in with Olaplex or K18 bond builders and based on your hair type, the sylist could choose to finish with R+CO, Olaplex, or Davines products.

Covering grey hair revitalizes appearance by restoring depth and shine. It can also boost self-esteem, making one feel more polished and self-assured. The decision to cover greys is personal, based on factors like hair texture, self-perception, and maintenance preferences.

To maintain hair health post-coverage, using color-safe products, reducing wash frequency, and protecting hair from heat and UV damage are crucial. Many myths about grey coverage being damaging are unfounded, as healthy hair products can actually repair and improve hair condition, and add shine and gloss to dull hair.

Ultimately, embracing grey coverage is about taking control of one’s appearance and celebrating personal style at every age. It’s not about concealing aging, but rather highlighting confidence and self-expression through a revitalized look.

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