Leaf & Flower Curl Refresh

Leaf and Flower Instant Curl

Leaf and Flower Curl refresh line hydrates curls by gently cleansing scalp and hair with intense hydration to remove buildup, boost radiance, and preserve natural oils for softer, more defined curls and coils.

Replenishes moisture for all curls and coils that intensely hydrates, easily detangles, and reduces frizz for bouncy, ultra-soft curls with enhanced shine. Avavilable at The Junction Salon and Bar

– Vegan friendly
– Plant-based
– Cruelty-Free

How To Use

L&F Instant Curl Refresh Shampoo:
Apply a quarter-size amount to wet hair.
-Gently massage into scalp and hair until lathered.
-Rinse thoroughly.
-Follow with L&F Instant Curl Repair Conditioner
Pro tip:
-Start by applying to the scalp, then emulsify with water to create a lather.

L&F Instant Curl Repair Conditioner:
-After using L&F Instant Curl Refresh Shampoo.
-Remove excess water from hair.
-Apply a small amount, focusing on mid-lengths to ends.
-Leave on for three minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
-For dry hair types, leave in for a minimum of five minutes for deeper penetration. 

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